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IT Infrastructure

Group IT

Oasis Investment Co. LLC

Centralized Information Technology Department

A centralized IT department caters to all the IT related requirements of the Group. Certified team of engineers and programmers take care of latest RDBMS systems, Groupware, e-mail facilities and mobile computing. The Department’s focus is to provide easy access to secure, reliable, and timely data and is committed to retaining quality staff, investigating new technologies, and collaborating with other departments to provide effective technical solutions.

IT Department Mission

To provide the quality, standardized services with continuous IT support and innovative technology solutions to effectively meet the requirements and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Central IT services focus on providing:

  • Application Implementation and Upgrades
  • Applications Management Services
  • Engineering Applications including PLM Applications Services
  • Remote Application Management
  • Website Application Management
  • Content Management Services
  • Business Productivity Applications
  • Systems Integration Services

Business Functions

  • Group’s Centralized ERP Application
  • Business Specific ERP Applications
  • Business Specific Bespoke Applications
  • Group’s Business Messaging Solution
  • Internet Access and Content Management
  • Controlled IT Resource Usage
  • Centralized IT Managed Services
  • Data Centre Management
  • Network Operations Centre
  • Server and Backup Management
  • Database Management
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Security Management


ERP Application:

  • Enterprise Application customized to support IT Operations related to Applications within the group along with all people and processes related to ‘ERP Applications’ within IT Department.
  • Compliant with the ‘Information Security Standards’ for ERP Application.
  • Adequate ‘Application Security Standards’ to maintain security.
  • Integrated Application to manage the business functions related to technology and services.
  • Distribution process management, supply chain management, services knowledge base, configure, prices, improve accuracy of financial data, facilitate better project planning, automate employee life-cycle, standardize critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks, assess business needs, accounting and financial applications, lower purchasing costs, manage human resources and payroll.

Business Specific Applications:

  • Our group Companies are constituted of industry domains in Manufacturing, Printing, Contracting, Trading and Services provider. Few Application services could be common in all the Businesses like Financials accounting services provision; however Operational Applications services shall be domain Specific.
  • We are committed to get best breed applications in each of the domain and integrate with the best breed application of Financials to have common platform in making it as common denominator of performance to group companies.

Centralized IT Managed Services:

Infrastructure Services and Application management services are also supported through and derived through Managed services for best effective results in the organization. The Engagement of Managed services depends upon the maturity level of technology, availability in the market at affordable prices.

Following shall be Managed services effective from time to time in our group to have the prime conclusion. These could be internally done or externally outsourced depending upon the commercial viability.

Managed IT Services

  • Network and Systems Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Network Management
  • Systems Management
  • HPUX- Linux Server Management
  • Windows Server Management
  • Remote Server Management
  • Remote Server Monitoring
  • Backup and Restore Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Security Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation
  • IT Outsourcing Services

Infrastructure Services:

  • Hardware/Software/Network Support for the IT Operations related to any hardware/software or network within the group.
  • All access and usage comply with Corporate Information Security Policy and Standards, as well as other applicable corporate policies.
  • Authenticated Internet Access Solutions.
  • ‘General Access’ and their ‘Controls’ Management.
  • Service Provider and Vendor Contract Management.
  • Physical Security Controls and their Management.
  • All people and processes related to ‘Infrastructure Services’ within IT Department.

Group’s Business Messaging Solution:

  • Secured access, use, and content of electronic messages through Al Shirawi Group’s electronic communication systems.
  • Al Shirawi Group electronic communication systems and applications compliant with applicable Corporate Information Security Standards.
  • All people and processes related to ‘Messaging System’ within IT Department.
  • Lotus Domino and Notes Security (Access Control – Server Level / E-mail Encryption).
  • Software Development (Internal Applications) and Trainings.

Oracle – E-Business Suite


Oasis Coils and Coatings delivers its products and services to its customers leveraging support through world class ERP applications in Oracle’s E-business suite. The E-business suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that have allowed OCC to provide customer-focused, best breed business practices in all of its services. A complete visibility into the supply chain helps OCC build customer satisfaction without passing on increased costs to the customer. Customers also benefit from Oracle’s CRM and Order Management applications that allow OCC to plan for prompt deliveries.

WinCoil – Coil selection software

Oasis Coils and Coatings uses state of the art coil selection software customized for it available coil geometry of which the results have been validated & tested as per AHRI standard 410 – 2001. It allows the user to configure the system with fundamental design details & heat transfer data. This includes the configuration to enable the user to make a selection as desired for Cold Water Coils, Hot Water Coils, Direct Expansion DX Coils, Steam Coils, Condenser Coils & Run around coils. All viable selections are listed to allow the operator to select the most technically and commercially suitable parameters. The design and actual rating results are simultaneously displayed to aid the operator in their decision. Full psychrometric validation and theoretical cooling curve generation are incorporated within the software. The selection DLL’s can be used by third party selection software in addition to standalone versions which is provided free of cost to all valued customers of Oasis Coils and Coatings.

HPT SelectPlus™ Design Software | A Direct Pipeline To Savings

HPT SelectPlus™ Design Software
  • Completely cloud-based software providing accessibility from anywhere, anytime.
  • Generates performance reports, psychrometrics and dimensional drawings.
  • Calculates accurate savings predictions thanks to flexible hours of operation input.

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