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Oasis Coils and Coatings
Oasis Coils & Coatings – (OCC) is a technology driven company and a specialist in the manufacturing and coating of HVAC coils. Our expertise in the manufacturing and coating of coils enables us to offer quality coils at impressive prices. A dedicated team of professionals works towards achieving a sole purpose: to cater to the requirements of customers in the area of manufacturing, coating and replacement of HVAC coils. We have the means, resources and expertise to design a custom-made solution for your application.

OCC manufactures all types and sizes of finned tube coils for a broad range of industrial applications. OCC has also invested in providing anti corrosive coating to HVAC coils to improve the life of coils. In OCC’s dedicated plant for anticorrosive coating in Dubai Industrial City, For the first time in UAE, HVAC coils will now be able to be coated in a dip tank ensuring thorough coating. This facility is a significant investment in the coating of coils and unprecedented in the region.

Recently, OCC has signed exclusive distribution agreement with Heat Pipe Technology, Inc. (HPT) and with the agreement now secure, OCC will serve HPT as their exclusive distributor within the markets of the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Quality is Our Strength

Quality-is-Our-StrengthOCC serves from its fully integrated, state-of-the-art coil manufacturing and coating facility. The core processes of our organization are well controlled through stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures in order to deliver the best results to our customers.

OCC imports best raw materials from some of the largest mills around the globe. With the use of high quality raw material, modern technology controlled machinery and the input of highly skilled technicians, OCC’s customers are guaranteed to be the recipient of the superior quality coils.

You can count on OCC

You can count on Oasis Coils & Coatings All coils built in OCC are pressure tested, purged and then oven tried before openings are sealed and the protected with the best coil coating available in the market. Our stringent quality control team checks the coil at every stage of production thereby ensuring consistency of quality each time you purchase from us.

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